About Us

Dr. Shin-Yang Chen, a Florida State Licensed Acupuncture Physician has more than 30 years of clinical experience in acupuncture techniques, Chinese herbal medicine, and acupressure(Chinese Massage).

Born and raised in Taiwan, Shin-Yang had witnessed the amazing healing effects of acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal medicine on some patients that couldn’t get healed from traditional western medicine. That perked his interest to pursue the art of Oriental Medicine. He received Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine training after his B.S. degree. Working towards achieving higher levels of acupuncture mastery, Shin-Yang worked with several masters of acupuncturists after his oriental medicine education.

Dr. Chen immigrated with his family to New York City in 1986. His sincerity, patience, and unique treatment techniques were immediately recognized and highly appreciated by his many patients. Always taking the time to truly listen to his patients, Dr. Chen would strive to learn the details on the patient’s condition, provide an in-depth examination to determine the source of the disease, and choose the most appropriate therapy for treatment. By creating a relaxed atmosphere for treatment, the patients were able to be comfortable and confident throughout Dr. Chen’s treatment.

Due to Dr. Chen’s passion for providing acupuncture techniques and therapies, his practice grew quickly through word of mouth to an international customer base. Having successfully treated patients over 90 different ethnic backgrounds, Dr. Chen has a proven track record of success in that the benefits of acupuncture are universal.

Within his 30 years’ experience in the art of healing, he has received numerous recognitions due to his outstanding contribution to the development of acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine, such as the Chinese Medical Academy Certificate of Award (1991), and the Modern Chinese Outstanding Achievement Award (NACAA 2000). He also was appointed the researcher of International Acupuncture Science Institute since 1982.

Aside from taking care of his many patients, Dr. Chen is constantly challenging the status quo, researching and developing new techniques to take his mastery to the next level, providing his patients more effective treatments, helping them to get well within a shorter period of time.  He is also very active in participating and contributing in academic and professional events hosted by organizations such as

    *National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

    *Florida Acupuncture Association

    *Florida College of Integrative Medicine

    *The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

    *The Fourth World Conference on Acupuncture

    *New York International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine

    *Tradition Chinese Medicine Association

    *American Academy of Tradition Chinese Medicine

    *American Society of Acupuncturists

    *Department of Health, AIDS Training Institute(NY)

    *Acupuncture Society of New York, Inc.

    *Chinese Medical Academy

    *The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

    *Columbia University

    *Queens Community College

    *American Acupuncture Association where he had served as the Vice President  
       and Academic Director for many years.