Neck Pain

The sun shines a little brighter these days. Thank you, Dr. Chen. Thirty plus years of coping with arthritis    hasn’t been easy. We have found professional acupuncture to be a wonderful tool for managing pain. Your skills and care have helped my wife greatly in finding relief from severe neck pain. Thank You.

-Larry A., Florida


Neck and Shoulder

I was having very bad pain in the neck and shoulder area for more than one year. I could not turn my head and drive my car to work.

During five months, I visited four different doctors but they could not help me. Finally I was introduced by my friend to Dr. Chen’s office. After six acupuncture treatments combined with acupressure, I could turn my head normally and drive my car again.  I want to thank Dr. Chen for his help and his wonderful treatments.

-Elizabeth S., New Jersey


Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain from car accident

I first want to thank you for the wonderful experience of your acupuncture treatments combined with heat, massage and herbal medicine.

I had been involved in a car accident, that left damages to my neck, shoulder and nerve damage in my right arm and hand. After almost a year of chiropractor treatments and several months of traction morning and night, I found no relief until I came to your office. I just wish I had come to see you sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering.  Thank you for giving my life back. I tell all my friends about you.

-Suzanne R., Florida


Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain from car accident

Acupuncture has been a “gift from God” in my life. After a serious car accident five years ago, I had many injuries and a lot of pain on my neck, shoulders and back. The pain was affecting my sleep, drive, work and income. Acupuncture gave me relief and healing that I found no other way. and I will always remember Dr. Chen.

-Michael W., New York


Neck Pain (from car accident)

Three years ago I was involved in a really bad automobile accident. I experienced severe whiplash; all moment in my neck region was lost and I had great pain. I went to an orthopedic doctor who discovered that arthritis had set in and he said there was little they could do. If the pain got too great, I should take some medicine for it.

The pain did get worse and I tried some medicine but didn’t relieve it. Next I tried a chiropractor but   those treatments didn’t help either.

I finally decided to try acupuncture and in a short time those treatments worked and I was finally pain free. And the movement in my neck has also returned.

Dr. Chen I am happy to say that your caring treatment worked!

- Bermond R., New York


Arm Pain

Eight years ago I sustained an injury to my right upper arm. I suffered excruciating pain and could not find any relief from a succession of visits to various doctors including orthopedic doctors and chiropractors.

Dr. Chen was highly recommended to me by my wife, he practices acupuncture, acupressure and is an herbalist. Amazingly after a short time my pain was totally gone and I have regained the strength and full use of my arm.

-Harry B. , New York


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome. Medical doctors wanted to give me a cortisone shot and operate on my hand. I didn't want to do that. I decided to try acupuncture and was recommended to Dr. Chen. He is a healthy man with a gentle touch. He knew I was worry about the needles. but I had immediate relief after the first treatment. my carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared after eight treatments. It has been over six months, my hand is no pain and stronger than before the treatment, thanks to Dr. Chen. I highly recommend acupuncture with him.

- John P., Boston


Back Pain

I was treated by Dr. Chen for neuralgia in my back when prescriptions gave by a neurologist didn’t have much affect. After eight treatments of acupuncture, my pain was gone. I no longer have any symptoms of the disease.

-Gary B., New Jersey

Chronic Pain

Thank you so much for giving me relief from my chronic pain. I have suffered for many years and also had tried surgery but nothing changed. After your series acupuncture treatments, the pain is gone. Dr. Chen, you and your techniques are a gift from God. I am even getting off the medications I took for years. Dr. Chen you are awesome.

-Catherine A., Florida

Low Back & Leg Pain

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during the last six weeks. My Low back and leg injury was very painful and the medication I was taking didn’t relieve it at all. Then a friend of mine referred me to you, Dr. Chen. I was in bad shape and I remember thinking how lucky I would be if your treatment could give me even a small amount of improvement.

I found your combined approach of acupuncture, acupressure, cupping therapyand herbal medicine gave me immediate relief and has assisted the healing process greatly.

My ability and confidence to do daily activities again has been gratifying. Dr. Chen,  thank you.

-Anthony P., New York


As a pharmacist, I was quite skeptical of oriental medicine. When I had sciatica six years ago. The pain is so intense that I can not lift up heavy objects and sit in a chair more than ten minuets ,some times I must be carried by other people, stooped over in agony. The painful steroid injections, the painkillers, muscle relaxants were no help for me. One of my friends suggested Acupuncture. because of my medical background I was skeptical of acupuncture, But I have no other choice.

Beyond my imagination, after ten acupuncture treatments, my pain was gone completely. No surgery, No drugs. Acupuncture treatment I felt so relaxed and calm. it is over 3000 years of acupuncture treatment. I now believe when we open our mind to accept alternative treatment, drugs and surgery are no longer the only option. Acupuncture worked for me.

-Linda M., New Jersey


Two years ago, I suffered from sciatica, I could not walk, bend down or do any of the daily tasks. Although I tried many different doctors but no one could help me to release the sharp pain. I was so disappointed at that time.Then a close friend recommended me to Dr. Chen. After a series of acupuncture and acupressure treatments, I’m now able to bend down, twist my body and do exercise that I was not able to do before.

I appreciate his loving care and will always remember him.

-Jason B.,  New York


Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have had a long-standing condition of bilateral osteoarthritis in both hands and in my feet. I went to a rheumatologist and he treated me with injections in the bones of the fingers. The treatment was extremely painful and not effective.

Then I went to Dr. Chen and began his protocol which consisted of massage, acupuncture and herbs. I am happy to report that the pain and swelling are gone and I have more dexterity in my hands. My feet now also feel fine.

-Anna B., New York

Hands Pain from rheumatoid arthritis

I am writing to thank you because the pain in both of my hands is gone. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Beyond giving me some medication to alleviate my pain, my family doctor said there was not much he could do. Then surprisingly my doctor recommended that I look into acupuncture.

Previously I had seen two different acupuncturists with minor relief. But during the fall and winter time my pain would be severe. But after going to Dr. Chen and having only three treatments, I could noticeably sense that the pain had lessened tremendously. After two months of treatment, the pain is completely gone.

My husband and I are planning to retire after two months and we will always play a lot of golf. I am so excited that I now have no pain in either of my hands.

Thank you SO MUCH,

-Sarah C., New York


Foot Pain

The foot pain in my ankle and heel was swollen and excruciating. I was forced to give up my job. I had trouble picking up my grandkids. After I visited Dr. Chen, He treated me with acupuncture and Chinese massage. my foot pain has improved very much with less pain and swollen. I am very satisfied with the result of the treatment. It is easier to walk. Thanks for your help. Dr. Chen!

-John J., New Jersey


Eight years ago, I was in high school and was suffering from severe asthma. At that time I could not sleep well and participate in any sports classes. When I was breathing hard, my family or my teachers are worried about my condition.

Different prescription pills was no help for me, sprayer are only temporary relief the symptom but can not cure me, after three years, my body was weak compared with other classmates. So I had an inferiority complex, and was not interested in anyone or anything. Thus affecting the efficiency of my learning and interpersonal relationships.

Three months ago, just when I was desperate, one of my friends referred me to visit Dr. Chen. He listened to my complaints and checked my pulse and tongue. Then he treated me with his unique acupuncture techniques. After the first treatment that night, I enjoyed a good sleep. It‘s amazing, I never thought that acupuncture is as effective. I was so excited and asked doctor Chen to treat me continually. After 12 acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbal medicines. My body is much stronger than before.

Up to now, all the symptoms of Asthma were gone. I can do all kinds of sports now like normal people. Dr Chen completely changed my life. He is a very creative practitioner.

-Brian R., New York


Acupuncture has taken away my Asthma symptoms and helps to control my chronic cough, which has made me suffer five years. It is really amazing, acupuncture treatment is so wonderful. Dr. Chen not only has rich professional knowledge and many years of experience, but also very care his patients.

I can confidently say that acupuncture treatment for asthma is indeed very effective. If you’re looking for an unbelievable acupuncturist, Dr. Chen should be your first choice.

-Barbara M. Connecticut


I have suffered from seasonal allergies for the past seventeen years. Even after allergy injection, and daily medication I was still suffering year round from constant running nose, sneezing and itch eyes. After my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Chen, I noticed significant improvement in my symptoms. I have not taken allergy medicine since the first acupuncture treatment. One and half months later, smooth breathing, no itching and no running nose. I appreciate Dr. Chen for changing my life.

-Monica M., New York


He restored my confidence

In past two years I have received Acupuncture treatments from Dr. Chen, I have been very happy with both the physical and mental benefits.  A genuine care and concern for my well-being is most appreciated. He restored my confidence in the treatment of acupuncture, acupressure and Herbs. I have recommended Dr. Chen to my friends and relatives. I hope that they will receive the same excellent care that I have.

-Susan L., North Caroli

I can enjoy my Life

I can not express my gratitude to Dr. Chen for changing my life. After his magical acupuncture treatments, massage and his genuine concern my diet, I can now enjoy my Tai-Chi exercise, my family and my life again.

-Thomas K., Connecticut


Stress, depression, anxiety

I suffered depression and stress from my job for over two years. psychiatrist and medicine seemed did not help me, I was very disappointed and helpless.

But thank God, Dr. Chen’s treatments help me a lot, after two months of his acupuncture treatments, I have more vitality, energy and have a happy life.

I also have a good relationship with colleagues. I am very glad my friend referred me to him.

-Victor T., New Jersey



The depression had disturbed me for five years. One of my friend referred me to Dr. Chen. He listened to my condition and checked my pulse and tongue then he treated me with Electro-acupuncture and acupressure. After three treatments, I sleep better, after sixteen treatments, My family have found that I had greatly improved. I am no longer depressed, I work more efficiency than before. Dr. Chen is not only a nice acupuncturist, but also a good listener. I recommended him to all of my family and friends , who are also satisfied with his treatments.

-Barbara D., New York



Dear Dr. Chen, Thank you so much for helping my sister. Your help was crucial and give her a lot of hope. She can sleep better now. During the day, Her mood is much better than before. Acupuncture is really work for her.

May God give you more wisdom and strength, so you can help more patients.

-George W., New York


My job made me very depressed. I tried many different treatments to overcome it, but I am failed. One of my friend recommend me to visit Dr. Chen. After several sessions, I felt much better than before. Now I visit him for tune ups if I needed.

-David C., 
New Jersey


Stress and Depression

Dr. Chen, I truly trust you now. After seven treatments, I regained my energy. I am happy to say that the stress and depression are gone. My family and friends noticed that my condition has greatly improved. Acupuncture really works. I regret that I did not open minded and suffered for six years. Thank Dr. Chen for your caring treatments.

-Charles K., New Jersey

Irregular menstruation

I visited Dr. Chen since May 1998. He is a true caring professional. I see Dr. Chen once a week. He has helped me to restore normal menstrual period after failing with three medical doctors. I have been menstruating normally every month now. I feel more confidence, relaxed, happy and calm. I highly recommend Dr. Chen to my family and all my friends.

-Judy S., Boston

Menopausal Symptoms

A year ago I started suffering menopausal symptoms, my doctor gave me some drugs and hormones, but did not help me, I felt miserable everyday. One of my colleagues strongly recommend me to visit Dr. Chen. he listened to my symptoms and treated me with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

After a month of treatment, I could not believe my symptoms greatly improved. My husband, children and colleagues were very surprised at the effect of treatments.

I have referred several friends to Dr. Chen and they are so happy with the results of the treatments. I would highly recommend Dr. Chen to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.

-Margaret C., Connecticut

Stop Smoking

My family doctor warned me that I have to quit smoking, not only for my health, but also consider the health of my family, In particular, I have two lovely babies. It was not really easy to stop smoking for me. I tried many times but all failed.

Dr. Chen helped me with acupuncture, After two treatments, I began to dislike the taste of cigarettes. so I gradually reduced the number of cigarette smoking. After three treatments, I was completely no interested in the taste of cigarettes

I am happy to say that I am no longer a person who are not welcome. Thank you Dr. Chen.

-Harry G., New York


Stop Drinking

Ten years of alcoholism, which affects not only the function of my liver, but also waste a lot of money.

I am so lucky, Dr. Chen helped me to solve this problem, I don’t drink anymore.

Thanks for his magic acupuncture treatment.

-Richard K., New York